"I am a huge believer in giving back and helping out in the community and the world.  Think globally and act locally.  I believe the measure of a person's life is the affect they have on others"

Steve Nash 


Hoosier Basketball Academy has always envisioned giving back and creating opportunities for the youth of today through several initiatives.  


The first initiative and most immediate is a true Indiana State-Wide Free Throw Competition reaching out to all 92 counties for boys and girls grades 3-12.  The Indiana Bicentennial Free Throw Championship is now a Legacy Project officially endorsed by the State of Indiana Bicentennial Committee.  This is a big undertaking but was seen as a way to make a difference.  Basketball has always played a big part in Indiana's rich history.  HBA is organizing this competition so student-athletes can have a chance to be recognized as some of the top shooters in the State.   It also provides a simple way to raise funds for athletic programs allowing them to purchase equipment and other items that will benefit their respective schools and celebrates Indiana Basketball .   Please read the details of the program below or If you are an Athletic Director, Coach or interested in sponsoring please click the links below to view a video explaining the program.   


How it works… Student-athletes reach out to family and friends to sponsor them for the State Free Throw Championship.  Money raised from family and friends of each participant will be used to support your athletic program.  Hoosier Basketball Academy will provide each student-athlete a folder with everything they will need to be successful.  Each member of the program will shoot 50 free throws and the coach will sign as a witness.  Top shooters from each grade will advance and compete against the top shooters from within their current basketball conference.  From there, your student-athletes could advance to the State Finals to compete against the best shooters in the state and bring home the Indiana Free Throw Championship trophy back to their school.  Shooters that advance to the State Championship will be recognized and given the opportunity to represent their school during halftime at an Indiana Pacers Game. Awards will also be given to the best shooter from each school and student-athletes that raise the most money will also receive great prizes. 

As the official sponsor, Hoosier Basketball Academy will put together all the folders along with all the forms needed to participate.  Coaches will just need to hand them out at practice so kids can seek sponsorship from friends and family, sign as a witness and collect them on a specified date.   IT’S THAT EASY!! This is a great opportunity for you to raise $1,000’s in just 3 weeks and give your student-athletes a chance to compete against some of the best shooters in the state. 

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